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Defensive Moves Every College Student Must Know – Part 2

In this Blog,  Balance and Distancing, we are dealing with  male and women’s self-defense for a confrontation that may build over time. Like a pissed off jerk at a party that wants to fight because his girlfriend likes you and he’s drunk. Or the creepy dude that just won’t take no for an answer.

In number 3 we are focused on the fight that you are doing your best to avoid, but just can’t. This can be a very common scenario in a college town environment. Remember college is only one step away from high school with less supervision.

3. Balance & Distance

These two principles really intertwine if a confrontation has already started. Like a heated argument that could turn violent. Maintaining distance and developing a good defensive posture is imperative.

Especially for a college kid trying to calm someone down and deescalate a situation.

A good defensive posture is where you have one foot in front of the other (not inline) with your power side back. Similar to a balance you would throw a ball in. With the hands up and in front, so you are far less likely to get hit. Hands open and out, so you present a calming posture instead of an aggressive one with clinched fist.

By putting your power side back you are in a position to create power in case a strike is needed. This is where learning some basic strikes can really come in handy.

The distance that you argue at is also really important. Realize guys are far more likely to get sucker punched than girls. When it comes to a women’s self defense, girls need to worry more about grabs. Once a large male has a hold of most females, they are in a real disadvantage.

You cannot argue at range that someone can just grab or hit you without stepping. So always argue at least one good step away for boys and at least two good steps away for girls. Remember the number one form of defense is distancing, because it gives you reaction time, the more of it the better.

If someone is not willing to give you space, you first need to make it clear you don’t want them any closer to you. You can do this by using your hands, up, open and in front of your face. Your eyes and voice say sternly and loudly, back off!

Side note: I am not going to go into how you might deescalate a situation, that’s for another blog. We are assuming the attack cannot be stopped.

You can do this while backing away to maintain the distance. Don’t go straight back, back out slightly left or slightly right so not to be directly in front of them. Do not cross your feet when backing away. Keep your power side foot back. You do this by stepping with the back foot first and than recovering to balance with the front foot.

If you have no room to move or the person just is not backing down, you then have to make a decision, fight or flight!

Coming Next in Blog Number 4 of the Defensive Moves Every College Student Must Know

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