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My History Part 2 “Is it Tae Kwon Do or Tex Kwon Do?”

Walt Bone moved to Seminole, Florida in 1972 and opened the Florida Karate Academy. He, along with his wife Debbie, and his chief instructors, Hank Farrah and Richard Jenkins, dominated tournament martial arts, in the state of Florida in the 70’s.

Walt brought to Florida a unique style of Tae kwon Do also known to many as “Texkwondo”. This is because of it’s Texas origin and the toughness of the fighters. Texas Tae Kwon Do, created by Jhoon Rhee, seem to evolve faster  and created some the best martial arts fighters in the world. I’m very proud of my martial arts linage and it’s ties back to Texas.

I began training at the Florida Karate Academy in 1976 along with my brother Mark and John. One of the things I will never forget about Mr. Bone was his giving nature. HE was someone who put people first.

Walt Bone was my inspiration for creating a children’s charity called the Project Action Foundation along with my partner and friend Kevin Walker.

I knew from the very beginning that martial arts was IT for me. I took a career test in the 8th grade, the question was, What career do you want when you grow up? They didn’t have martial arts instructor or karate champion listed so I wrote it in myself.

Tomorrow – My Martial Arts History Part 3 “Fighting on ESPN!”

Grand Master Jhoon Rhee recently passed, CLICK to read more about this Tae Kwon Do icon.

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