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5-Reasons To Focus On Form When Fitness Kickboxing. Part 1

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

I have created and taught many forms of fitness kickboxing. First with Cardio Karate in the 90's, Cardio Karate is known for it's rhythmic movements similar to Tae Bo. But actually my original class structure for Cardio Karate was half rhythmic martial arts movements and second half a kickboxing heavy bag workout.

This was the class structure I created and taught in my marital arts school in Seminole, Florida. The challenge was when I started traveling certifying instructors all over the world, 6000 in 5-years, with the National Association of Professional Martial Artist (NAPMA) it was impossible to bring the heavy bags along with us. So Cardio Karate will be forever be known as an aerobic form of Fitness Kickboxing. A Dam good one, if I do say so myself!

Even than, I always talked about how fitness kickboxing is more then just an exercise. That the majority of the benefits, in all forms of fitness kickboxing training, is in the details.

You might think "why should I care about proper form? I'm never going to climb in the ring." I will tell you why, with this blog - five reasons to focus on form, this is part one of a five part series.

Reason (1) You will get a much better workout!

The majority of people that participate in fitness kickboxing don't realize, to do it right, you can't just punch with your arm or just kick with your leg. A good punch, or kick, is a full body movement that takes some time and focus to do it right.

If you notice in the book, that Christine turns her entire body as see throws her punches. Turning her hip and body weight forward into the Cross and turning her hips back as she throws the Hook Punch. This rotation and weight shifting, as she punches, engages not just her are arms, back and shoulders, but also her core and legs. By doing the technique properly anyone can get a far better, full body workout, than someone that only punches with there arms.

The same benefits apply when you learn to put your entire body behind your kicks. So reason (1) of the five reasons to kickbox with proper form, is that you will get a much greater full body workout then those who never take the time to learn to do it right.

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