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After School Karate & Sports Instructor Monique Ferlanie

After School Karate & Sports Personal Development Program.

There I was, standing in a complete cloud of darkness. How could this be? In a blink of an eye my world had completely stopped. I lost the Love of my life! My husband was killed, on the job.   I was five months pregnant with our daughter and we already had two boys, ages one and  three and It was three days before we were supposed to be moving into our dream home!

After giving birth to our daughter, I felt very alone! I no longer  had my husband and best friend to  help me with the kids or  laugh with. All I had was my mom and she had to get back to her own life, after helping me so much with my family.

Feeling completely lost and isolated from the world,  I needed to find something that I could believe in and help me get back to feeling good about myself!

I started to take kickboxing classes with Jim Graden at his Martial arts school. Wow I really needed this! I love that Jim teaches in a way that makes you get lost in that moment, by pushing and teaching you to focus on doing it right and being your best. I felt myself wanting more, so I joined his Adult Martial Arts program.

As a woman, very few things in life can make you feel better about yourself than getting fit and learning self-defense.

Ms. Mo working with her son chase

Since my husbands’ death my oldest son, had developed anger issues and anti-social behavior. I did Seek help from counselors and it seemed to help a little, but not enough. I enrolled him in Jim’s After School Karate & Sports Personal Development Program.

Jim, personally, helped my son develop confidence and self-motivation and most importantly to me, he found a new love for wanting to learn. I see my older son being a positive leader and role model for his karate classmates and siblings. It has also transferred into his schoolwork. His teachers have told me that they have noticed improved concentration and respect.

Jim Graden’s approach is to focus on creating leadership and confidence in children. One of his favorite quotes is “the best anti-bullying tool is a confident child”. Both my boys are now enrolled and I hear, Yes Sir, and Yes Ma’am, all the time inside and outside the karate school.

Jim approached me an asked if I wanted to be a part of his team and help run the Personal Development program. I jumped on the opportunity! The Karate & Sports program has had such a profound positive impact on my family. It makes me want to help other families become stronger, happier and empowered like it did for mine.

– Moniqie Ferlanie

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