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The 3-class introductory is a great way for you and your children to learn  

about World Champion Martial Arts. Without having to make a long term commitment. Class times are Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00pm. 

3-Class Intro. to Junior Martial Arts (includes Uniform)

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  • "The greatest defense against a bully is a confident child."

    We develop leadership and cofidence in children. By teaching how to focus when learning, to give full effort when trying and to respect  yourself and others. This is the Champion way! and how we teach junior martial arts at  World Champion Martial Arts.  A modern martial arts style your child can learn to effectively defend themselves. 

    All Junior classes under the direct supervision and guidance of World Martial Arts Champion Jim Graden

  • You have 6-months to use the program. There is no refund on the product. 

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