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  Kickboxing On ZOOM

About UBC Kickboxing
Engage Your Mind and the Body Will Follow  

* Strengthen your body by learning to punch and kick with authority all while improving your fitness level, body coronation and balance.

* Strengthen your mind with mindfulness exercises, yoga stretches and meditation.


UBC Kickboxing, is a true mind, body experience all in just 45-minutes. Plus you burn more calories per workout than any other aerobic exercise.

​The classes are specially designed to engage your mind and body. We do this by focusing on on proper form to build body coronation and setting a pace that is challenging but also suited for your age and fitness level.

We then finish the classes with Yoga Stretches and Mindfulness Meditation. so no matter the shape you are in, good or bad, you can participate. From the marathon runner looking to cross train to someone older and out of shape, anybody can take and get great results from Mind-Body Kickboxing. 





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