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Learn To Do It Right!

Excerpt from the Introduction to Jim Graden's New eBook, Fitness Kickboxing - Learn To Do It Right

'Fitness Kickboxing is like life, you only get out of it what you put into it!

Just like the great things in life, you first have to recognize and understand what makes something great.

Fitness kickboxing is great because it is endless! No matter how good you think you get, (I won a world kickboxing title) there is always more to learn and improve on. Just take the jab, looks like a basic strike right? Just a straight punch off the lead side.

But learning to execute a proper jab is endless. Once you can do it well stationary, than you can add movement and so on.

A never ending journey, just like anything that is really worth learning. I also think fitness kickboxing is great because, if taught properly, it can be done at any age or skill level.

The challenge for most people, that engage in fitness kickboxing, is that they become satisfied with the basic benefits like weight loss and toning. Never really experience the true depth of the skills that they are executing.

Once you get comfortable, doing it your own way, mindlessly punching and kicking the bag without any effort to improve, you might as well be on a treadmill.

One of my favorite sayings is "engage the mind and the body will follow."

To throw boxing and kickboxing techniques properly you must engage the mind and body as you learn to create real power, focus and balance with your strikes.'

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