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Lets Get Ready For School!

By Jim Graden

Starting a new school year can be intimidating even in normal times. But with so many kids coming back into the classroom, after learning at home all last year, it can be particularly freighting.

Confidence in a child does not just happen. It comes from achieving short term goals that lead to a long term goal of achievement. That is exactly how we structure our Junior Martial Arts Program.

I started my training in traditional karate, taekwondo and Judo at the age of twelve. I competed at the highest level in karate and kickboxing. Being selected to the United States Karate Team on five separate occasions, fighting in two World Kickboxing Championships and winning a World Kickboxing Title.

I've been teaching martial arts in the Seminole/Largo area for over 35 years and truly believe that martial arts should be more than just learning how to fight.

This is why we call our philosophy "The Champion Way".

The Champion Way For Juniors is learning effective martials arts and creating true confidence in yourself with the understanding that the goal of learning how to fight is so you don't have to.

Never forget that the greatest defense against a bully, is a confident child!

If you are interested in your child learning the Champion Way just give us a call 727-798-5269 or go to the Home page of this website and request more information.

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