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Stun and Run Self-Defense Seminar

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Stun and Run Self-Defense is part of the "Be Hard To Kill" Seminar Series. This Seminar will focus specifically on Self-Defense for college bound teenagers. Teaching awareness, distancing and self-defense techniques that every teenager and young adult, male or female, need to know.

Stun and Run focuses on how to put your entire body into a strike that is focused on a vital target area. Designed to stun your opponent long enough for you, or your child, the time to get away from an attacker. Plus learning how to escape from common grabs that are used on women.


Day of event $50

Register before July 27th only $40

College and High School Students only $20

Call 727-798-5269 for more information.

Jim Graden talks about the Stun and Run Seminar.

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