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Summer Camp – Fun, Focused and Empowering!

Summer is a time for a child to have some fun, go swimming, play sports and just be a kid! That is what Karate and Sports Summer Camp is all about, but with a small catch.

Everything we do in our Summer Camp is with a purpose. From teaching your child how to stand up for themselves if confronted by a bully, to how to escape from a grab from an adult. We also teach important life lessons Like Honor, Respect, Integrity, Self-discipline and Indomitable Spirit.

How do you do that? You might ask.

We do it with a well structured, engaging and Fun Martial arts Class, 3-times a weeks and field Trips to swim, play sports and skate, two to three times a week. Our martial arts class starts with a daily lesson like “what does it mean to be respectful?” “What does it mean to be Honorable?” “How can you  develop Self-Discipline?”.  We teach Children modern martial arts and COBRA Self Defense so they can learn to stand up for themselves against a bully, but also to be able to recognize an adult threat and avoid it, and to be able to get away from an adult male grab, if they can’t.

 So not just life lessons but life saving lessons!

This is not kids running  around screaming  Daycare,  we are the exact opposite! Jim Graden’s Karate & Sports Summer Camp focuses on martial arts and sports as a way to build Self-Esteem in your child.

Please allow me to explain to you about my background and why I believe our Summer Camp is a step up.

I’ve been teaching martial arts and fitness in the Seminole/Largo area for over 35 years. I have trained hundreds of children to the rank of Black Belt and have impacted thousands of families over my 35 years of teaching Karate in the Seminole/Largo area. I’m a legitimate World Kickboxing Champion and a five-time member of the World Champion United Stated Karate team.

 I was President and co-founder of a National Children’s charity called the Project Action Foundation. Project Action was a mentoring program that gave scholarships to at-risk children into Dance, Gymnastics and Martial Arts schools. Project Action won the 1998 Florida State Governors Award for the best new Children’s Program in the state.

We have been very involved in the Seminole community throughout the years. We have performed demonstrations and sponsored the Pow Wow, Seminole Stamped and the Blessed Sacrament Fall festival.  Plus I have performed demonstrations and instructed classes at most if not all public schools in the Seminole area.

Our summer camp is truly about teaching children respect, honor and Self-discipline through the martial arts and sports. I know, in my heart, the profound impact martial arts can have on a young persons life. By empowering them with true belief in themselves. Our goal is to create self-esteem, strong confident kids  that completely believe in themselves, resist negative peer pressures and make good decisions.

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