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Jim Graden’s Martial Arts – Joe Lewis Fighting Sequence the 38

 The majority of Martial Arts systems have set patterns know as Kata’s,Poomsae or Forms. These patterns are designed to practice the skills of that particular style.

The challenge is that traditional martial arts patterns are just out dated. They can even be harmful in one’s quest to learn how to defend themselves. Joe Lewis’s modern day Kata’s are called Combat sequences.

Joe Lewis, having originally trained in traditional martial arts in Okinawa, created his own type of forms. The big difference between Joe’s Fighting Sequences and traditional martial arts Kata is huge! Joe’s Fighting Sequences teaches modern techniques and fight strategy.

Each sequence gives you a strategy and fighting style to work on. The fighting sequence featured in this video, the (38), is named after the pistol the 38 and focuses on pressuring your opponent and working body shots.

What also makes fighting sequence unique is that you can break them up into sections or what we like to call modules. Instead of always doing the entire pattern it can be broken up to work on one particular skill. What also makes these sequences far better than Katas of the past is there versatility.

The 38 can be worked in front of a mirror, on a heavy bag, on mitts and even sparring drill, as you will see in the video. This is the first of many videos I will produce featuring Joe’s teachings, including many more Fighting Sequences.

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