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Preparing Kids for Middle School!

In 2017 Seminole Middle School had a very bad bullying problem. A friend of mine, that is familiar with the school board and their policies, said that they had an idea. They would take some of the really bad kids from the bad areas and send them to better schools in better areas like Seminole.

They were thinking that the new environment would somehow change the children’s behavior. Well it did not work. It got to the point where the principal had to be reprimanded for not dealing effectively with the bad and violent behavior of some of the kids brought to Seminole Middle School.

I have a 13-year-old son, Jackson; Last year was his first year in Middle school, going from Bauder Elementry to Seminole Middle School.My son said that there were fights almost every day and that some of the kids were even trying to fight the teachers.Jackson never got bullied and no one tried to pick on him or fight him.

Jim and Jackson Graden after Jackson’s junior Black Belt test

Jackson is a big kid for his age and many people would think that’s why he didn’t get bullied but I would beg to differ. Bullies like to pick on the big kid that won’t fight back.

A current student at my martial arts school, same age and as big as Jackson, came to me because he got punched in the stomach and had his lunch stolen at Seminole Middle.

Now I honestly believe the reason Jackson did not get bullied was because of the way he carries himself. Jackson has been doing martial arts with me since he was three and holds a Junior Black Belt; he has learned to project an air of confidence and has developed positive self-esteem through his martial arts training.

Children going from elementary School to Middle School experience a big change in how much they are responsible for finding their own way, even in the best schools. They go from being walked in a straight line under supervision, to “here’s your locker kid, you have 10-minutes to get to class on time, good luck!” Some kids just are not ready for that change and that’s why many of them get bullied.

Our new Karate and Sports Personal Development Program is designed for elementary aged children to instill confidence and self esteem through the practice of modern martial arts and sports.

For children to grow up as successful people they need to build positive habits. NOW, while they are young and can learn how to pick their friends wisely and completely believe in them-selves.

Have the self-esteem to be capable to resist the negative peer pressures that come with middle school. This is the goal of our program, weather it’s through our after school or summer camps. We are not babysitting, we are the alternative to baby sitting! A fun, structured and engaging program, for boys and girls, that teaches modern Martial arts to good kids that need the self-defense, self-esteem and the self-confidence to stand up for themselves in life.

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