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My Trainer, Friend and Mentor Joe Lewis

By Jim Graden

Preparing for the Time of My Life!

This article is about  how over the last three years I have done what the great Joe Lewis asked to do before his passing. That is to create a White to Black Belt belt

martial arts Curriculum from my over 25 year of training and being mentored by one of  the greatest martial arts to ever live.

First, I would like to tell you  how the legendary Joe Lewis influenced me and motivated me to become a champion and why I am dedicated to make sure that what Joe taught me  lives on for ever!

I have had a great career in the martial arts; having won a world kickboxing title, represented my country in international competitions, created two popular martial arts fitness programs, Cardio Karate and the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC), certified over 6,000 instructors, sold over 50,000 training manuals and licensed my UBC program to over 500 martial arts and fitness studios.

 But none of that would have happen if it weren’t for the legendary Joe Lewis. I’ve had two relationships with Joe Lewis. First as a snotty nosed kid who saw Mr. Lewis come into the karate school my brothers, John and Mark (champions in their own right), and I belonged to in the mid to late 70’s and beat the hell out of anyone dumb enough to spar with him. Secondly, as a friend and mentor who took me to new heights in my martial arts training and made me into a champion.

Mr. Lewis was a close friend of my first martial arts instructor, Walt Bone. He stayed at Walt’s house when he was in Florida, in the 70’s, and he worked out at his karate school. I was just a 13 year old kid watching Mr. Lewis work out. Joe Lewis was already a legend in the martial arts and having him at the school that I trained at was like a football player watching Joe Montana workout. My hero was working out at my karate school – so very cool!

Coming soon Part 2

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