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Train With the Champ!

“Nothing will increase confidence and make you feel stronger than getting in great shape while learning how to defend yourself.”

- Jim Graden

As we get older, we grow less confident in our personal protection abilities, Jim Graden can change that, and get you in great shape too!

Personal training now available with World Kickboxing Champion Jim Graden. Jim has the unique ability to get people in great shape while teaching them basic, but effective, skills of personal protection. Jim specializes in fitness, martial arts, and street self-defense. Structuring each session to the wants and desires of the client. Whether it’s weight loss, building strength, or learning and improving your boxing, kickboxing and self-defense skills. Jim Graden will structure a focused, results orientated program just for you.

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Jim Graden is a five-time member of the United States Karate team. Fought in two World Kickboxing Championships and won Silver Medals in London 85’ and Munich’ 87’. He won a Professional World Kickboxing title, with an 8th round TKO, in Polermo Sicily in 1991. He is also considered the protégé of the legendary Joe Lewis, considered by many, including Chuck Norris, as one of the greatest martial arts of all time. Jim is a 7th degree master under Joe Lewis, one of only ten people to be promoted to master’s rank, before Joe’s passing in 2012.

Jim is also considered a pioneer in the integration of martial arts and fitness. Creating two of the most successful Martial Arts Fitness programs in the country, Cardio Karate and the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC).

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