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How to Design a Personal Martial Arts Studio in Your Home

How to Design a Personal Martial Arts Studio in Your Home

Learning martial arts can be a great benefit to growing children. To help your child stay active and practice what they’ve learned in martial arts class, consider designing a basic martial arts studio in your home. By referencing these resources from Jim Graden’s World Champion Martial Arts, you’ll be able to set up a functional in-home practice space!

Which Space Is Right for Your Studio?

By designing an in-home martial arts studio that can also be used as a multi-purpose space, like a home office, home gym, or child’s playroom, you can boost your home’s appraisal value.

● Choose a space that would be suited to other forms of exercise, such as dance or yoga. Taking dance lessons with an instructor can improve balance, strength, and flexibility!

● Practicing with your child is a fantastic way to stay connected during busy times of year.

● If you don’t need to store your car in your garage, consider decluttering this spacious room to design your very own studio.

● Your basement may be unfinished right now, but you could easily remodel this space for your martial arts studio.

● If you rent, you may have limited options in your current residence. Take a look at alternative options nearby.

Buying Studio Gear

If you’re setting up this studio for your kids, you’ll need to look for martial arts gear that is specifically designed for children.

● Make sure your kids wear appropriate martial arts attire during practice.

● When choosing a punching bag for your children, look at reviews for smaller bags.

● Does your child need boxing gloves? Make sure to buy a durable pair with wrist support.

Maintaining a Clean Studio

An in-home martial arts studio will require regular cleaning to maintain its utility.

Follow these tips to thoroughly clean your studio on a frequent basis.

● You don’t necessarily need harsh cleaning products to sanitize your studio. Instead, consider wiping down surfaces with these handy DIY formulas.

● Your child probably breaks a serious sweat while working out, so don’t make these common mistakes while washing their workout clothes!

There’s no denying the benefits of taking martial arts classes at a studio with a qualified instructor. However, providing a space for your child to work out in your home is also beneficial to their martial arts journey. After all, practice makes perfect, and with an in-home martial arts studio, they can practice whenever they want!

For martial arts instruction for teens and adults, visit Jim Graden’s World Champion Martial Arts today!

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