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Kick Boxing Class – Fighter Fit

Take your Fitness kick boxing Class to another level, with 10–rounds of Fighter Fit.

If you go into any boxing or kick boxing gym, you will here buzzers and bells going off. That’s because of the rounds clock. Telling when the rounds start and finish and will usually give you a 30 second warning before the end of the round.

This is how I trained as a pro kick boxer. And still do to this the day with my Fighter Fit Kickboxing Class. By far my favorite fitness kickboxing class structure!

This is very different than the 30 minutes of not stop heavy bag work I created for Cardio Karate and the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC). A class structure I still offer to this day.

By having Fighter Fit and the non-stop continuous bag work classes you get more of a variety. Not just in the exercises but one class is like a 2 or 3 mile run and the other is like interval training on a track.

Fighter Fit is 10, 3-minute rounds with 1 minute rest. Basically the same structure I used, back in the day, to hit mitts, work the heavy bag, shadow fight and spar.

The difference now is, because I don’t have a fight coming up, I can be a lot more creative with each round. I like to say, “Fighter Fit is like a box of Chocolates you just don’t know what you’re going to get”.

Take a look at this short montage video of a class I taught and took just recently. You will see a wide variety of rounds including jumping rope, shadow fighting, Boxing, kickboxing, Tabada, sprints, leg lifts and knee & elbow strikes.

Fun class to teach and even more fun to take!

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