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10 reasons UBC 6.0 is Your New Year Resolution Solution

  1. It works! – The Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) has been getting great results since it’s creation in 2000. Thousands of people across four countries have had success participating in the Ultimate Body Challenge. So you can too! 

  2. Flexible class schedule – The UBC is not a boot camp were you have only one class and if you miss it, you missed out. The UBC has a wide variety of classes like kickboxing, fighter fit, and the UBC class it’s self. All classes you can attend.  They start as early as 6:15am, 9:30am and evening classes at 5:45pm, 6:pm and 7:00pm, six days a week.

  3. Easy to follow – UBC starts with an Orientation that explains the entire UBC course to you as well as a nutritional manual that lays out the complete nutritional program. All you have to do, to get results in the UBC, is show up!

  4. Not doing alone – This is the part of the course nobody expects. That is meeting new people, people on the same fitness journey as you, with similar challenges, working together to get results.

  1. Wide Variety of classes and workouts – No body wants to do the same workout over and over again. So during your UBC journey you will do kick box, Tabada, Fighter fit, resistance bands and weight lifting, plus, special workouts at the beach or in the park. Our goal is to make working out engaging and not boring!

Jim Graden’s programs have had a huge positive impact on my family! First I got in great shape in the UBC. Than my children joined the martial arts and I saw a positive change in their behavior. Now I’m in the Martial Arts and striving for my Black Belt. This is truly a family martial arts school!” – Cindy Gordan

  1. Great coaching – This is what makes the courses great! People that have done the course got great results and are volunteering, yes I said volunteering to help you achieve your fitness goals

UBC Coaches Jacqui, Vikki and Monique

  1. Measurable results – We use measurable results from the Coopers Institute in Dallas, Texas. The same organization that the Military, Fire Department and Police Department use to measure the fitness level of there staff. The best part is that it is broken down by age so you are only being measured based on your age and gender.

  2. Engage your mind and the Body will follow – A big part of the UBC philosophy is “Vanity is short lived” Most people start working out because they don’t like the way they look in the mirror. But for most people “that is not enough to keep them training. You need something that engages your mind as well as your body. The Boxing, Kickboxing and Self-defense skills you learn during the course are the real deal. We teach Combat Sequences that mix the kickboxing punches and kicks, with defensive moves like slipping, shielding and weaving. At the same time working on balance, rhythm and movement

  3. Lead by a true martial arts and fitness guru – Jim Graden is a World Kickboxing Champion, 7th degree master martial artist. Jim created Cardio Karate and the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) He has certified over 6000 instructors to teach his brand of martial arts fitness, in every major city, spanning four countries.

10. It’s Fun!

Register NOW and kickbox for Free up to start date at no additional cost

Check out the last UBC at Jim Graden’s Martial Arts and Fitness

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