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4 ways we prepare your child for middle school

One thing I really noticed when my son, Jackson, went from Bauder elementary school to Seminole middle school was the change in supervision from one school to the other. I totally understand the need for a child to start becoming more independent but the change can be dramatic for a child that is not prepared. They go from being escorted to class in elementary, to here’s your locker kid good luck, in Middle School!

The craziness in the hallways and the potential for bullying is everywhere. Most kids are just not prepared for it.

So here are four reasons why you should consider Jim Graden’s After School Karate & Sports.

We help your child prepare for Middle School and beyond.

1) Well structured, disciplined program. There is a reason why all branches of the military have some form of boot camp. They have to teach honor, self-discipline and respect to the average teenager. They also know that learning those values make them a more confident and focused person. Nothing is more effective against a bully than a confident child!

Now we are not a military boot camp for kids! In anyway shape or form. We are an age appropriate program designed to teach the concepts of respect, self-discipline and integrity.  It starts as soon as they enter our vehicles. We only respond to a yes sir, or yes ma’am. We teach the importance of eye contact and to really listen when someone speaks to you.

“Nothing is more effective against a bully than a confident child!”

2) We do have fun! But we have fun in a controlled focused manner that is always designed to teach life lessons to children. Not just kids running around screaming and doing what ever they want.

3) Teaching while playing games. I have been asked why I took such a long time to start an After School Program? The answer is simple, my son was in elementary school and because of my schedule and without an after school program, I was able to spend 3-4 hours a day with him after school. During that time we mainly played sports with other kids and families.

Tremendous life lessons can be taught on the playing field. Like how to compete with honor, being a good teammate, handling defeat and being a gracious winner. Now that my son is in middle school I’m ready to teach other children the life lessons I tried to instill in my son.

4) Might for Right! True confidence only comes from learning things that work. Especially when it comes to your child’s ability to defend themselves. We teach the perfect balance of traditional martial arts values of Integrity, Respect, and Self-Discipline combined with modern and effective martial arts. Martial Arts techniques that come from kickboxing, boxing, karate and Jiu-jitsu.

Many martial arts systems teach outdated techniques that just don’t help a child against modern threats. We want to make sure the good kid can defend themselves from the bully, if need be. The best part is when a child has real confidence in their ability to defend themselves, the confidence shows and the bully will usually pass them by.

Meet Jackson Graden, son of Jim Graden

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