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Four Defensive Moves Every College Student Must Know

College age Kids face a completely different set of self-defense challenges than your average adult. A 20-year old male  is far more likely to get punched in the face, than a fifty-year old man. A college age female will probably need to know how to escape from a grab, NOW, more than any other time in her life.

College towns that are made up of mainly eighteen to twenty-five year old students are going to be far more aggressive than the average city. The chance of a male getting into a fight or a woman being grabbed by an un-welcomed male, are far greater.

So here are the Four Defensive Moves Every College Student must know

  1. Awareness

Awareness can keep the bad things from happening in the first place. There is nothing in self-defense that can have more of an impact on your self-preservation then developing good awareness practices. Create a habit of really focusing on what is going on around you. Be in the moment and pay attention to your surroundings.

Whether you’re walking in a parking lot or hanging out at a party, paying attention matters. Remember the robber is looking for a distracted victim. The creep at the party looking to a drug a girl, is looking for the female that is not not paying attention! Awareness matters!

  1. Reaction time

There is a real disconnect, with how much time most people think they have, to the reality of a violent situation. We do a demonstration in our COBRA Self-Defense Seminole seminars. Asking how far away someone needs to be for them to be able to get there phone out and call 911. We have done the same drill with getting  a weapon out.  Most people can cover 30 feet in 2-3 seconds, so someone can be on you in just 2-3 seconds from 30 feet away. Things can go south very fast and you should, at the least, know that.

You may have a true false since of security unless you have trained in real time scenarios.  That how to learn the time needed for a reaction of any kind, even running.


NEXT WEEK PART TWO – Four Defensive Moves Every College Student Must Know

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