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Three REALTOR Safety Moves Every Realtor Must Know!

By Jim Graden


My mom was realtor for over 40 years, when Realtor Safety was not heard of. I remembered many times she would rush out the door to go meet someone at a vacant house. I also remembered sometime hearing her tell my dad how she felt nervous about a certain person or would ask him to go with her. Thank god nothing ever happened to my mom, but her fear and anxiety was well warrantied back than and still is to this day.

The fact that the majority of realtors are women, who meet strangers in un-occupied houses, makes it a dangerous situation.

For many years I have taught  REALTOR Safety and I have always made sure the realtors knew these three things to keep them safe.

Realtor Safety Seminar

1) Safety before money  – Every Real-estate office has certain safety guidelines that should be followed before meeting a client. Too many times when tragedy strikes a real estate agent did not follow realtor safety protocol. Things like consistently checking in, making a copy of the clients drivers license or not showing property at night. Cutting safety corners to make a sale can cost you your life.

2) Lead from Behind – When showing a house, always have the client walk in front of you. Don’t lead them; instead, direct them from a position a little behind them. You can gesture with your hand for them to go a head of you and can say something like “ The master Bedroom and bath is in the back of the house”

3.) Get some Self-Defense Training – Training saves lives! Basic techniques that you ether know or you don’t, in a split second of a life or death situation.

So many things that you just will not know unless you take self-defense. I’m not talking out dated traditional martial arts or Mixed Martial arts. But just learning basics things like how to get out of a hold or grab (Most common attack on women). or how to shield from a punch (most common attach on males). I even had a student use a rolled magazine to fend of multiple attackers. Because he learned if you roll the magazine up it can be a very effective weapon. Basic techniques that you ether know or you don’t, in a split second life or death situation.

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