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Three Reasons Why You Should Learn Self-Defense From a Women

I have become convinced women make for a far better Self-Defense Instructor than men do. I feel this way from watching and learning from our Master COBRA Self Defense instructor Vikki Klidis. Now, there are many reasons why Vikki is a great Self-Defense instructor and a step above the rest.


Realize the majority of people that join a program like COBRA Self-Defense are women, so that alone can be a big reason. Women understand other women far better than men do. But lets try to dig a little deeper and get into the specifics.

The three primary reasons someone is attacked; property, personal and perversion. Following is my reasoning why a woman self defense instructor is better suited to teach another woman how to defend against these three types of attacks.

Lets break it down:

1.     Property – Someone that makes a living-robbing people is going to look for the softest targets possible. Just being a woman makes you more of a soft target. The robber, will not be able to distinguish between a trained woman self-defense instructor and any other female. Not until a confrontation begins. So a woman Self-Defense instructor lives her life being perceived as a soft target as well. Her survival instincts are naturally more wired and in tune with her female students. This is Huge! Women have to be so much more aware of their surrounding than men and only another woman can really understand that!

Being a male lowers the chance of being attacked for property because they are less likely to be perceived as a soft target. Plus men don’t carry purses.

2.     Personal – Women being battered by a husband or boyfriend has been around for as long as humans have existed. Most women experience some form of physical abuse in their lifetime according to a recent survey of American women. I also have known women self-defense instructors that got into the martial arts because of domestic abuse.

Not saying that a male cannot teach women how to defend themselves against an abusive spouse. But I honestly believe only another woman can fully understand the emotional and psychological trauma that an abused woman goes through.

3.     Perversion –A female instructor, the majority of the time, will be far better suited to teach and talk about the challenges that face women when it comes sexual violence and abuse. In This day and age a woman, not only has to worry about someone following her to a car after a party, but whether or not someone put a drug in her drink. Take a look at this vide and how easy it can happen. Again not saying a man cannot teach this; it’s just that he does not live the life and threats a woman does. A good female self-defense instructor is going to understand the many different types of threats out there for women that are just not there for men, like rape!

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