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UBC 5.5 for $55

UBC 5.5 Fitness Course For Just $55

Jim Graden, World Kickboxing Champion and founder of the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC), turned 55 and is celebrating by hosting a UBC 5.5 Week Fitness Course for just $55.

Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) 5.5 will be like no other!

UBC 5.5 for Just $55

UBC 5.5  Combining fitness kickboxing, resistance training, and a sound nutritional plan, along with personal coaching, just like all the previous UBC’s.

But what makes this one special is that Jim is teaming up with well known, long standing businesses in Pinellas County, Including Bill Jacksons and The Original Crabby Bills.

Darry Jackson, owner of Bill Jacksons, has been training with Jim for over 10 years. Jim has also trained many members of the Loder family, owners of Crabby Bills, Including Matt senior and his wife Maria and their children.

UBC 5.5 starts with an Orientation/Meet and Greet at Crabby Bills, Thursday, October 11 at 6:30pm. The following Saturday, October 13th at 10:00am, the workouts and classes start with a complete fitness evaluation at Jim Graden’s Martial Arts & Fitness in Seminole.

Bill Jackson’s is sponsoring an Obstacle Course Challenge and also a paddleboard race for the UBC participants. UBC 5.5 will have a Free COBRA Self Defense Seminar, Sunset beach workouts and a UBC Recipe party, for all participants.

Prizes will also be given out for to the students of the week. The best prize of all is the UBC Champions Belt! Awarded to the person that gets the best results!

“If there is anything I have learned over the years,” Jim graden say’s, “is that people get far better results from exercising if it’s fun, social, engaging and has a goal. ”

That is exactly what UBC 5.5 is all about!

or Call 727-798-5269 for more information. 

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